The REAL Deal about Code Generators

There is a lot of junk and actual danger out there with free code generators. Please read this first.

We have become infuriated and appalled at the measures that people will go to to delude, pursuade and out-right deceive people in their attempts to install trojan viruses on computers. A simple google search for code generators for any gaming platform will begin to reveal the sheer volume of youtube videos, excel spread sheets and software programs that have been created to accomplish this. It's frightening and, from our perspective, demands a response to address the issue.

Please be advised that almost all of the "free" downloads, and programmmed code generators that you can find online are hoaxes, designed specifically to entice you either to click on something that will generate someone money, or click on something that will download a virus to your computer. Popup surveys, click-bait ads, excel or google sheet formulas and tempting video's are so prevalent that it makes us sick and so we have created something in response.

Our response has been to build an always-accessible, always-free and always-unlimited, web-based version of free code generators across multiple platforms including: a free PSN code generator, free xbox live/gold code generator, free google play code generator, free itunes gift card code generator, free nintendo switch eshop gift card code generator, free minecraft account code generator, free roblox gif card code generator, free league of legends gift card code generator, free fortnite code generator and many more. Check out our Full List of Code Generators. We are tired of the deception. You can use any of our code generators for free anytime, at no cost and at no risk. We guarantee that they will be virus free, always online, with no downloads, survey popups, or survey requirements. Please use them instead of the others and share them as well, enjoy!

As a side note, we don't endorse the use of them for any purpose other than testing. Any use of the code generators on this site is purely at your own discretion and risk. All registered images or trademarked graphics remain property of their respective copyright owners. No affiliation with the parent companies is implied or intended. Enjoy responsibly.

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