The REAL Deal about Coupons

Coupon Clippers Rejoice! There are now so many more options... how do I choose?

It's no real secret.... If you weren't already aware, there has been a not-so-silent revolution taking place in this budget friendly and now digital deal-seeking arena. The sheer number of apps, digital loyalty programs and product specific savings being offered is earth shattering. Are you sitting down?

Whether you are a casual coupon clipper or an avid everyday deal seeker, if you own a smart phone, you have the virtually unlimited power for savings in the palm of your hand. However, instead of bringing you our own top picks or top rated apps, this time we have actually reviewed many of the top app review sites to bring you the most comprehensive aggregation of best of the best coupon and savings apps from around the web compiled from multiple app review sites. It's good stuff and we know you'll like it.

So here it is. Top 5 "Best of the Best" Coupon and Savings Apps as compiled from top app review sites:
* In order to make it onto our list these apps had to have been ranked in the top 10 on at least 5 other review sites.

1. IBOTTA - Best In Category: Groceries

Ibotta will feel immediately familiar to seasoned coupon clippers and offers instant rebates. It currently supports over 288 retailers from Walmart to Walgreens and will pay you in cash or select gift card options.

Before going shopping make up your list and search the ibotta app for relevant deals. Mark the coupons that interest you and then do your shopping run. Make sure to keep your receipt.

After returning home, take a picture of your grocery receipt as proof of purchase and the ibotta app will match the products you purchased with the offers you selected and give you the cash within 48 hours. It also supports linking your favorite loyalty cards as well as mobile in-app purchases.

2. Grocery IQ - Best In Category: Shared Purchasing

Grocery IQ works great for families, room-mates or any situation where multiple people are buying food and other household items. It allows syncing and sharing of lists and keeps track of favorites and history to ensure that everyone is up to date on current needs.

What really makes Grocery IQ awesome though is the built in coupons and recommendations. Make your grocery list and it will automatically lookup relevant coupons and make recommendations for alternate items with better savings.

This app pulls in deals from and is probably most relevant for people who tend to have a fairly consistent shopping list of products and that shop regularly at the same stores.

3. SnipSnap - Best In Category: Scan to Coupon

This app allows you to take back control of your piles of paper coupons and convert them into redeemable digital dough. Scan or "Snip" your paper coupons into SnipSnap by taking a picture and it creates and stores a digital "Snap" version that you can use from your phone at checkout.

What is perhaps most interesting about this app is that your Snipped coupons are shared with a wider community and theirs are also shared with you so you can benefit from the efforts of others as well. Crowdsourcing at it finest... saving everyone time and money. It can even utilize your phone's location services to alert you of nearby deals.

4. RetailMeNot - Best In Category: Best Coupon Coverage

With more than 500,000 deals at over 50,000 retailers, this app has become an absolute required "check me before checkout" resource whenever you make a purchase. Including time-sensitive deals and limited quantity offers at so many brick & mortar as well as online stores, if you can't find the coupon code here, it may not exist.

The only irritation of this app is that it requires you to "reveal" the coupon and usually takes you to a different site that you will need to close in order to get back to the actual offer. This however seems a small price to pay for such extensive access to so many savings.

5. ShopKick - Best In Category: Rewards Program

Shopkick has been creatively disruptive in the digital coupon space because you can earn rewards just by visiting stores and/or scanning products. Once you have earned enough points you can redeem them for gift cards at common stores like Walmart or Amazon, essentially providing significant savings at stores you regularly use anyway.

This app rewards you with points or "kicks" for purchases or activities as noted above, and includes rewards for even watching video's or looking at products online. No purchase required. You can browse their ShopBot to see which of your regular purchases may earn you additional kicks and allow you to earn points passively just by doing your regular shopping.

6. Honorable Mention: Groupon - Best In Category: Genre Defining

One of the very first coupon savings apps, Groupon has helped define this category and still offers amazing deals on everything from retail to restaurants, it has been revered for its savings on services and it's always worth checking.

While important to note that your savings may expire if you don't use them in the required timeframe, you can always redeem your initial investment and not lose money, so be sure to check this app regularly to take advantage of deals up to 70% off.

7. Honorable Mention: Honey - Best In Category: Online Savings

It has been notoriously difficult to find deals and codes for checkout on Amazon. Honey receives the honorable mention here as it is the single best app focussed solely on providing good deals for online checkout on Amazon.

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