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Reviewed: Y1028 Slimming Massager

TL;DR: weightloss was unverified, but the unit and electrode stimulation works and was successful for helping in muscle stimulation and injury recovery.

The promise of weightloss with virtually no effort seems like a holy grail that many of us in our culture of fast food and instant gratification would love to find. It's a trillion dollar industry with literally millions of gadgets, equipment and drugs supposedly offering the solution. Add to that the reality that we've all heard stories of things that did not work as described and this was near the top of our list of things to review.

We got our hands on one of these types of gadgets, the Y1028 Slimming Massager and decided to take it for a spin.

What we discovered:

  • The instructions are detailed but fairly cryptic and a bit hard to understand immediately
  • There are two channels A and B which can be used to treat or stimulate two areas of your body at once, or even used by two people at the same time (one channel each)
  • It's not clear from the wiring or instructions which wires are channel A or B (see image)
  • With two channels you can apply different stimulation modes to the same area or different areas simultaneously
  • There are 3 basic stimulation modes: tapping, kneading and progressive intensity increase plus 5 programmed muscle stimulation modes
  • Although not recommended for use on genitals or highly sensitive body areas, there are some images online that suggest there are possible intimate uses
  • The muscle stimulation modes can be highly effective for both relaxation as well as rehabilitation of a wide variety of injury or arthritic conditions
  • The unit itself is quite sensitive to any type of shock and must be handled or put down gently or it may turn itself off

Our primary test was rehabilitation and recovery from tennis elbow. We found both the tap and knead functions extremely effective in helping break down scar tissue and stimulate muscle healing dramatically shortening what we've experienced for a normal recovery timeframe.

The GOOD news is that this unit really does work!!! At least for muscle relaxation and rehabilitation.

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